Acting is a balance of spontaneity & specificity where we must master the technical (physical/vocal) & personal (emotional/intellectual) demands we face.

Motivation is key. When we focus on craft, explore the process, & develop technique, we inspire a creative, imaginative journey toward fulfilling our artistic goals.

My aim is to help you feel confident, grounded, & ready to deliver your best work!

  • Create a dynamic performance illuminating the writer’s vision & your unique talents.

  • Explore various acting techniques in voice, movement, & improvisation.

  • Receive honest, constructive feedback to strengthen professional & personal practice.

  • Discover positive ways to approach and prepare a successful audition.

  • Break down the text, build characters, & trust your natural creative impulses.

  • Learn to choose ideal material for upcoming auditions or building your repertoire.

  • Standard Rate:  $60/hour (either in person, Skype or Facetime)

  • “Group of Coachings”: Pay 4 Hours up front, get a 5th at half price
    ($270 for 5 Hours).

  • Payment can be made via Paypal or Venmo. 

Private Coachings


Anthony is a great coach. I had a very short time to prepare an important audition. He helped me get right to the heart of the piece,  with his excellent eye for acting choices and knowledge of classical and contemporary language. Working with him raised the level of my work and he made it joyful.   

-Peter Tedeschi / Acting, In studio

Anthony helped me push myself to limits that I could never have imagined. He gave me monologues that I would never have had the courage to even attempt. From our first meeting he fully immersed himself into getting to know me as a person, finding out my strengths and weaknesses. He has shown me how very important it is to have technical training…it can only enhance the natural talents I have. He is caring and makes you work the full time you are with him. He is an incredible support system, a great encourager, and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for my acting career!!

-Janira Campos Puleo / Acting, In studio

Anthony Michael is very skilled and adept at working with Shakespeare. He is patient and focused, and allowed me to find the sense of the piece. I would highly recommend him!

-Sevans Martinez /Shakespearean Acting, In studio


I've had the pleasure of working with Anthony for almost a year now, and it has been the best decision I've ever made. Anthony is the type of teacher that knows your potential and will do everything he can to push your skills to the next level. He taught me techniques on how to understand the character I was playing in ways I never would have thought. I can't say enough amazing things about him!

-Ryan Robison / Acting, In studio

I have had the unique experience of working with Anthony. He has an incredible ability to explain various acting adjustments and helps to bring the best out of my performance. I always feel confident after working with Anthony. He makes each session fun and full of energy. He is passionate, articulate, and has an incredible sense of humor.

-Adam Kee /Acting, In studio


Anthony is a fantastic teacher! He is focused, knowledgeable, and has a profound manner in making the text accessible, current, and personal. I used to have difficulty relating to a piece, the language intimidated me. He helped me to make the text my own, coming from my own heart. It changed how I worked on everything, both classical and modern.

- Diana De La Cruz /Shakespearean Acting, In studio